Aircraft of the Month: Dassault Falcon 7X

The Dassault Falcon 7X may be one of the popular business jets ever created. The 7X is unique in the world of business aviation. The aircraft has incredible speed and maneuvering, a nod to the Rafale fighter aircraft inspiration. The 7X has a recognizable trijet design and unmatched interior. Efficiency and design considerations make this one of the most cost-effective aircraft to operate and enables the Falcon 7X to hold its’ value after years of service.

Falcon 7X Fun Facts:

Aircraft Design

The Dassault 7X is one of the only traditional aircraft that feature the trijet design. Trijet configurations became popular in the 1960’s due to safety concerns. Twinjet aircraft were under scrutiny from the FAA due to concerns of engine failure during long-range flights. Trijet aircraft would be able to maintain flight more easily in the event of engine failure, but were much less costly to operate and maintain than quadjet aircraft.

Flight Control Systems

The Falcon 7X was the first business jet to include a fly by wire control system. Pilots say that this digital flight control system allows for better responsiveness and a smoother flight. Three primary and three secondary computers are used to receive directions and control movement. An analog computer is attached to the horizontal stabilizer from the pitch trim switch. This function addresses concerns that arose from a 2011 flight incident.

The EASy II avionics upgrade improves the pilot experience. The upgrade is said to be much more user-friendly than the previous system. Even during cabin depressurization, the new auto descent feature can fly the aircraft at maximum velocity to a safe altitude. Digital displays help with locating runways and taxiing as well as flight.

Luxurious Interior

Dassault wanted to offer an impressive interior on the Falcon 7X. They contacted BMW Designworks to collaborate on the project. The Designworks team successfully created an interior that was a mix of classic and modern. To accomplish this, the team maximized cabin volume, introduced larger windows to enhance natural lighting, and used polished wood for a classic, masculine feel. Industry experts say that this is the kind of aircraft that Sterling Cooper ad agency (of Mad Men) would own. Acoustics were added that cancel almost all exterior noise.

The Dassault Falcon 7X truly stands out in its’ class. Due to Falcon 7X reception, Dassault has launched the Falcon 8X as the successor. The 8X enhances many of the benefits of the 7X. Dassault was able to increase the range by 500 nautical miles, increase max speed, and offers more standard interior features. The Falcon 7X still beats the 8 when it comes to passenger capacity, baggage capacity, and ability to land on difficult runways.

Video: Dassault Falcon 7X at Reno Air Race