Aero Engines Americas 2017

This year, the Aero Engines Americas 2017 event will be held in San Antonio, Texas. This is one of the largest events for maintenance, repair, and operations (MRO) providers in the US. The event is made possible by Aviation Week and the MRO Network.

Aero Engines Americas 2017 Schedule

The current line-up of events features seven sessions and six panel discussions. Each offering is categorized by a specific track. The majority of sessions and discussions are geared towards strategic planning and financing. One of the technical sessions, Engine Condition Monitoring – How is Big Data Changing the Way Airlines and MRO’s Approach Maintenance Scheduling, addresses aircraft engine monitoring effects by using real-world examples.

February 1          Wednesday

6:00pm                 Welcome reception at the Grand Hyatt Hotel

February 2          Thursday

8:00am                 Registration begins

9:00am                 Aero Engines Americas 2017 opening

9:40am                 Sessions begin

11:00am               Coffee break

11:30am               Session + Panel

1:10pm                 Lunch

2:10pm                 Session + Panel

3:30pm                 Coffee break

4:00pm                 Panel discussions

5:30pm                 Networking reception

February 3          Friday

9:30am                 Opening

9:40am                 Session + Panel

11:30am               Coffee break

12:00pm               Sessions

1:20pm                 Closing remarks

1:30pm                 Lunch

2:30pm                 Port San Antonio tour

Port San Antonio Tour

The three hour Port San Antonio tour gives attendees the ability to see two facilities. Chromalloy works with OEM’s, commercial airlines, military, and power companies to improve engine durability. Chromalloy started by offering coatings, expanding to provide repair, machining services, material solutions, and engineering to the MRO base. StandardAero has been in business for over 100 years, and is one of the largest MRO providers to date. StandardAero has facilities on four continents and offers airframe services, FAA authorized avionics, and custom design services in addition to maintenance and repair.

For more information about the show, please visit:

Aero Engines Americas Website

Facebook Event Page