MKS Baratron capacitance manometers can be described as an electro-mechanical gauge, ideal for measuring both pressure and vacuum. Like other measuring devices, Baratron capacitance manometers require regular calibration to ensure accuracy and reliability of measurements. Without calibration, a capacitance manometer can begin to drift, which could lead to inaccurate measurements and reduced productivity.

With proper calibration, the following benefits can be reaped from Baratron capacitance manometer calibration:


Ensuring highest quality instruments and measurements is a necessity. By properly calibrating your Baratron manometer, you are assuring the quality of your equipment and its measurements.


Certification of calibration shows that you have meet all requirements needed for a certain standard. For example, if you take your Baratron manometer to an accredited calibration, you will receive a calibration certificate stating that your instrument has been calibrated to the highest standard. This shows that quality and care for your products and measurements.


Following calibration guidelines for your Baratron manometer helps you stay compliant with the FAA at every stage. This makes your life easier and again, ensures overall quality and accuracy of your instrument.


Knowing that your Baratron capacitance manometer is giving you high accuracy is not enough. You need to be able to show proof of accuracy and reliability during all regulatory inspection and audits audit. By calibrating your Baratron manometer regularly, traceability is established, allowing you to prove that your instrument is accurate anytime.


Inaccuracy of measurements not only has an effect on instrument quality, but also the lifespan and performance the instrument. As previously mentioned, Baratron manometers can drift like all other measuring devices. To sure your instrument is working precisely, regular calibration should be performed to minimize the risks of breakdowns, inefficiency, higher repair costs and extended downtime.


Proper calibration of a Baratron manometer does a lot more than just ensure instrument quality. It also helps save money. When a manometer produces inaccurate measurements, risk of equipment damage, along with technician safety, is high. Both scenarios could led to high costs.


Proper calibration of a Baratron capacitance manometer ensures that potential risks are minimized. By minimizing risk, a better workplace, safety for operators, technicians and maintenance personnel and quality assurance can be ensured.Read our entire guide to ensuring proper calibration of our MKS Vacuum equipment.