e2b calibration Mobile/On-site Calibrations

Mobile or on-site calibrations are calibrations that are performed on test equipment by an established calibration laboratory but at a customer’s location. Mobile or on-site calibrations are either performed within the customer’s facilities in areas provided by the customer or in fully equipped, climate-controlled, mobile calibration vehicles capable of performing calibrations under controlled environmental conditions.


On-Site Calibration Advantages

Many companies choose on-site calibration services for their test and measuring equipment for the convenience it provides. Having calibrations performed on-site can have many advantages for your company such as:

The total calibration time of your measuring equipment is reduced so your production operations and processes can continue as usual with minimal interruptions.

Shipping costs are eliminated for the equipment calibrated on-site which will save your company overall calibration costs especially for larger and heavier items.

Having the items calibrated on-site will eliminate the risk of possible damages due to the mishandling of your highly sensitive measuring equipment during shipment to a laboratory for calibration.

For a company with a large inventory of equipment, it could be very cost-effective to calibrate your test and measuring equipment directly at your site.

There are also situations when calibrations on equipment must be performed at a customer’s location. Large, immobile equipment such as floor scales, large ovens and environmental chambers are types of equipment that are impractical to be sent to a laboratory for calibration. Sensitive instruments, such as analytical balances, should also be calibrated in the location they are being used.


e2b calibration On-Site Calibration Capabilities

is a full-service, ISO/IEC 17025 accredited calibration laboratory located in northern Ohio. Although we are located in the northeast section of the United States, we are capable of bringing our quality calibration services and experienced mobile calibration team anywhere within the United States and its territories.

From California to Maine, North Dakota to Texas, and even Puerto Rico and everywhere in-between, we can help to make the calibration of your equipment an easy and convenient process.

We are capable of performing on-site calibrations for many different industries and a variety of calibration disciplines, such as electronics, pressure, force, temperature, torque, dimensional and much more. We carry many types of spare parts and equipment accessories to easily repair, adjust and recalibrate most equipment types on-site.

uses the same operating and calibration procedures at our mobile calibration sites to maintain the same accreditation practices and requirements we use in our permanent facility.

Procedures that document the identification and handling of the equipment, confidentiality and safeguarding of the calibration data, monitoring of the environmental conditions, and traceability of the calibration standards are all strictly followed while performing on-site calibrations for our customers.

will work with companies both large and small to develop a customized calibration program to fit the needs of your company. Our knowledgeable technicians will work directly with your quality team to provide you exactly the type of calibration service you need and will answer any questions you may have about the use of your equipment or the calibration requirements for them.


Anytime Assets Software

also offers a cloud-based asset management system free to all e2b calibration customers. Our Anytime Assets database is a fully customizable software that is powerful, reliable and easy to use. The software can be accessed from any computer or mobile device and can be used anytime in any location where there is a secure internet connection.

It was designed by and allows companies to track any of their assets online quickly and easily. The software not only tracks the calibration of measuring equipment, but it also allows users to track assets such as tools, manufacturing machines, office equipment, vehicles and even personnel. Calibration certificates, recall reports and many other custom documents can be printed directly from the software. Anytime Assets is another way that e2b calibration develops advanced solutions to meet the needs of our customers.

For more information on our mobile and on-site calibration capabilities and how we can set up an on-site calibration program for your company, contact e2b calibration.

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