flow meter calibration

Alicat flow meters are among the top performing flow instruments and are reputable for their accuracy and reliability. To ensure that your Alicat flow meter is living up to its reputation, it is vitally important to calibrate your flow meter regularly. With proper calibration intervals, your Alicat flow meter is guaranteed to be in tip-top shape.

Choosing a calibration interval for your Alicat flow meter can sometimes be a challenge. For this reason, we have laid out a few tips to help you create the best Alicat flow calibration schedule.

TIP #1

Application, amount of usage and maintenance schedules play a major role in the overall performance of a flow meter. When creating you Alicat calibration interval, all three factors list above should be considered.

TIP #2

Start a calibration schedule based on the manufacturer recommendation. Alicat’s manufacturer recommendation states that new flow meters should have a six month calibration cycle. Alicat also recommends that all flow meters that are used in unfamiliar applications should be calibrated after six months.

TIP #3

To personalize your Alicat flow meter calibration schedule, it is important to analyze all results after calibration is performed. Results from multiply calibrations should display a pattern of when your flow meter began to drift and why. This information will help you create a calibration interval that works specifically for your instrument’s needs.

TIP #4

Alicat flow meter calibration should not cause a large amount of downtime. When creating your calibration interval, it is important to ensure you can keep operations running smoothly, while also verifying your Alicat flow meter’s reliability. Consider one of the below options to ensure downtime is minimal:

If you still are struggling to create a calibration interval for your Alicat flow meter after these four tips, please reach out to Alicat or your ISO/IEC 17025 accredited calibration lab for assistance.

If you need an Alicat calibration lab, here’s what you should look for in your provider.
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