• Humidity Measurement Systems

    Humidity Measurement Systems

    The air in the environment that surrounds us always contains a certain amount of water vapor. The total amount of water vapor is the humidity we feel in the air. The temperature of the environment determines the maximum amount of water vapor that the air can hold. That is why the air feels significantly different

  • Crimp Tool Calibration

    Crimp Tool Calibration

    A crimp tool is an instrument used to make a connection between two pieces of metal, usually between a wire and a connector placed on its end. A compressive force is used to deform one or both of them in a way that causes them to clamp onto each other to create a permanent connection.

  • Proficiency Testing for Calibration Laboratories

    Proficiency Testing for Calibration Laboratories

    Proficiency Testing is an assessment that provides calibration laboratories with an objective means to demonstrate competence to perform specific calibration processes and achieve the proper measurement results within the claimed measurement uncertainty. Proficiency testing is also referred to as ‘Interlaboratory Comparisons’ as the measurement results of an individual laboratory are compared with the results obtained

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