• Dry Block Calibrators vs. Liquid Temperature Baths
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    Dry Block Calibrators vs. Liquid Temperature Baths

    Temperature control and process instrumentation are widely used in many food and manufacturing industries and laboratory environments. Accurate temperature measurements are essential for providing process optimization, preserving product quality, and ensuring health and safety. The temperature devices and sensors commonly used include thermocouples, RTD’s, thermistors, PRTs, and bi-metal or liquid-in-glass thermometers. To achieve the best performance,

  • Hardness Testing Calibration
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    Hardness Testing Calibration

    Hardness testing is the most reliable and widely used test for evaluating the properties of metals and other solid materials. Hardness testing enables the evaluation of a material’s properties, such as strength, structural integrity, flexibility, wear resistance and quality. This helps determine whether a material is suitable for the application that is required. The non-destructive

  • Hot Stick Calibration
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    Hot Stick Calibration

    What is a hot stick? A Hot Stick is an insulated pole used by electric utility personnel when working on high-voltage electrical power lines to protect themselves from power arcs and electric shock. The Hot Stick electrically and physically insulates the worker from the power line, allowing workers to operate on energized power lines safely

  • Meter Calibration – What You Need to Know
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    Meter Calibration – What You Need to Know

    Meter calibration is one of the typical forms of calibration services offered by calibration laboratories. Meter calibration, although a general term, often refers to flow meters. Calibration is important and necessary to all businesses that use flow meters in their daily work. Flow meters can be used to measure things like raw water circulation and

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