• Proficiency Testing for Calibration Laboratories

    Proficiency Testing for Calibration Laboratories

    Proficiency Testing is an assessment that provides calibration laboratories with an objective means to demonstrate competence to perform specific calibration processes and achieve the proper measurement results within the claimed measurement uncertainty. Proficiency testing is also referred to as ‘Interlaboratory Comparisons’ as the measurement results of an individual laboratory are compared with the results obtained

  • Humidity Salt Methods

    Humidity Salt Methods

    Humidity is one of the more difficult measurement problems for calibration laboratories. There’s a lot more to calibrating Relative Humidity than simply buying equipment and following generally accepted procedures. There are many complex techniques to learn and a wide range of humidity systems and technologies, whether it is older hair units, capacitive/resistive sensing elements, or

  • Proper Use of Analytical Balances

    Proper Use of Analytical Balances

    Analytical Balances are highly sensitive and accurate laboratory instruments designed to measure the mass of smaller samples or objects. They typically have weighing capacities from 100g to 300g and have display resolutions between 0.1mg – 0.001mg. Analytical Balances are enclosed by a transparent draft shield that protects the weighing pan from dust and air currents. The

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