• Year in Review: Aircraft of 2016
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    Year in Review: Aircraft of 2016

    Wrapping up 2016, there have been many new aircraft that have been developed, taken a first flight, or been put into production. Many of the aircraft introduced this year have been military planes, especially for aviation training. Here, we look at four of the new aircraft that were released in 2016. Mitsubishi X-2 Shinshin The

  • How the A380 Uses Increased Cabin Pressure for Better Flights
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    How the A380 Uses Increased Cabin Pressure for Better Flights

    If you are in the field of aviation maintenance, you may have had people ask you if it’s true that flying makes you sick? While the simple answer is “yes”, many want an actual explanation for why this is the case. If you are looking to give an explanation, start with increased cabin pressure. Cabin

  • Innovations in Flight Comfort
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    Innovations in Flight Comfort

    Read any travel blog and you’ll notice multiple tips and remedies to make flying more comfortable. While there are steps that passengers can take to prevent feeling ill-at-ease from flying, aircraft giants Boeing and Airbus are incorporating new designs to address the problem head-on. Many of the aviation equipment updates can be seen on the

  • How Does RFID Work?
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    How Does RFID Work?

    Radio-frequency identification is a technology that tracks the physical location of items, animals, or even people. The process works by using a tag that sends a signal to a reader. The reader analyzes information to determine object details and location. RFID technology makes tracking faster and more convenient. Anyone that has purchased large items from

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