• Aviation Association Profile: PAMA
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    Aviation Association Profile: PAMA

    The Professional Aviation Maintenance Association is a community of aviation maintenance technicians that strive for improved aviation safety, education, and industry recognition. To match aviation maintenance professionals with new opportunities, PAMA hosts a job board on their website. There are 6 regions of PAMA in the US, each with multiple chapters. PAMA Facts Established 45

  • Pilot of the Month: David M. Walker
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    Pilot of the Month: David M. Walker

    David Walker was one of the most ambitious people in aviation history. He was an aviator for the US Navy, fighter pilot, test pilot, and NASA astronaut. Many people have heard about David’s accomplishments for piloting spacecraft in multiple space shuttle missions. His most well-known mission is often cited as the 1989 Magellan Probe Voyage.

  • Common Misconceptions about Automated Flight Systems
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    Common Misconceptions about Automated Flight Systems

    What is Autopilot? Autopilot is not an automated replacement for an actual pilot. One of the most prevalent misconceptions about automated flight systems is that a pilot is not actually needed for today’s commercial flights. Every automated system relies on input from the flight crew. The pilot or co-pilot inputs parameters and commands into each

  • Quality Association Profile: ASQ
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    Quality Association Profile: ASQ

    The American Society for Quality (ASQ) is an intellectual community of professionals in the field of quality. The goal of the organization is to connect quality professionals and ideas. This group is not just for seasoned professionals, ASQ offers low-cost student memberships to those starting their career in quality. The organization is well-known for their

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