• Common Misconceptions about Automated Flight Systems
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    Common Misconceptions about Automated Flight Systems

    What is Autopilot? Autopilot is not an automated replacement for an actual pilot. One of the most prevalent misconceptions about automated flight systems is that a pilot is not actually needed for today’s commercial flights. Every automated system relies on input from the flight crew. The pilot or co-pilot inputs parameters and commands into each

  • Quality Association Profile: ASQ
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    Quality Association Profile: ASQ

    The American Society for Quality (ASQ) is an intellectual community of professionals in the field of quality. The goal of the organization is to connect quality professionals and ideas. This group is not just for seasoned professionals, ASQ offers low-cost student memberships to those starting their career in quality. The organization is well-known for their

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    The F-35 Lightning II has been described as “revolutionary”, capabilities include advanced electronic warfare for enemy tracking, exceptional data capture using integrated sensors, and unparalleled stealth to avoid detection by enemy radar (just to name a few). Shortly after release, fifteen F-35 aircraft were grounded and production put on hold. What was the effect of

  • What Does the Open Skies Agreement Mean For Airlines?
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    What Does the Open Skies Agreement Mean For Airlines?

    What is Open Skies?   The Open Skies agreement seeks minimization of government control of cargo, passenger, and passenger-cargo air transportation and creation of a true free-market for the air travel industry. The open skies policy can also apply to the air transport of military personnel. To make the policy effective, an agreement must be


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