• Dillon Force Gage Calibration
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    Dillon Force Gage Calibration

    Dillon is one of the oldest and most respected companies that provides quality force measurement devices for tension, compression, load monitoring and push/pull forces for industrial environments. The major categories of force measurement products provided by Dillon are shown below. Dynamometers Dynamometers are instruments that measure the tension force exerted between two sections of cable or

  • Top 5 March Blogs
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    Top 5 March Blogs

    In case you missed content, here is a quick recap of our most popular blogs of March. How to Calibrate a Fluke Multimeter As with any type of tooling or equipment, a Fluke Multimeter will eventually need to be calibrated. Whether you’re using it for a hobby or are in a highly regulated industry, in

  • Optical Comparator Calibration
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    Optical Comparator Calibration

    Optical Comparators are simple pieces of equipment that use optical principles and illumination sources to project a magnified image of a part onto a glass screen.  Using a variety of lenses for magnification, Optical Comparators can make precise two-dimensional measurements for a wide range of inspection applications. Their ease of use has allowed the Optical

  • A Guide to Thread Gage Calibration
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    A Guide to Thread Gage Calibration

    A thread gage is a device that is used to check the acceptance of an internal or external threaded part. Each gage type is used to monitor the tolerance, strength, reliability and durability of each component to ensure overall quality. With a handful of different thread gage types, it can be hard to determine which

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