• IR Thermometer Calibration

    IR Thermometer Calibration

    Infrared Thermometers, or IR Thermometers, are a type of non-contact thermometer that works by detecting the thermal infrared radiation coming from an object and converting it to a temperature. Since Infrared Thermometers do not need to touch the surface being measured, they are useful for determining the temperature of objects that cannot be reached or

  • Types of Thread Gage

    Types of Thread Gage

    A thread gage is a device that is used to check the acceptance of an internal or external threaded part. Each gage type is used to monitor the tolerance, strength, reliability and durability of each component to ensure overall quality. With a handful of different thread gage types, it can be hard to determine which

  • Proper Cleaning of Granite Surface Plates

    Proper Cleaning of Granite Surface Plates

    The smooth and flat surface of Granite Surface Plates provides an accurate reference plane for measuring and inspecting various parts during fabrication and for the calibration of test equipment. Granite Surface Plates are used in various manufacturing plants, especially in the automotive and aviation industries, machining shops, and inspection and calibration laboratories. Surface plates are

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