• Wright Brothers Day 2016
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    Wright Brothers Day 2016

    Wright Brothers Day is December 17th. The holiday was established by Dwight Eisenhower in 1959. The day celebrates the first successful flight in a mechanically propelled aircraft in 1903 by Wilbur and Orville Wright. In Ohio, Wright Brothers Day is an official holiday that is celebrated on 5 October. Flight Trials The flight took place

  • Aviation Books for Christmas 2016
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    Aviation Books for Christmas 2016

    Holiday shopping can be rough, so we’ve rounded up the top books for aviators this year. Whether you are searching for a seasoned pilot, or an avgeek, these are sure to hit the marks. Read on for our top recommendations on aviation books. Aviation Books Yeager: An Autobiography Charles “Chuck” Yeager is one of the

  • Aircraft of the Month: Concorde
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    Aircraft of the Month: Concorde

    The Concorde was well-known as a supersonic passenger aircraft that operated from the mid 1970’s to the early 2000’s. The aircraft cut flight times in half and provided luxurious accommodations (such as caviar and Cuban cigars). In its prime, the Concorde was a symbol of national pride for co-creators British Aircraft Corporation and Aerospatiale France

  • Pilot of the Month: Chuck Yeager
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    Pilot of the Month: Chuck Yeager

    Many people thought that flying faster than the speed of sound was impossible in an aircraft. Concerns centered around drag damaging the aircraft, preventing speeds topping 767 mph (1234 km/h). Charles ‘Chuck’ Yeager broke the sound barrier 14 October 1947. He was known as one of the greatest military pilots of all time. Aviation Career

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