• Torque Calibration Theory

    Torque Calibration Theory

    Torque is a measure of the force that causes a rotational motion of an object around an axis. It acts as a twisting or turning force on an object as in opening the lid of a jar or in tightening a bolt. The amount of torque applied to the object determines how tight an object

  • Integrity in Calibration Laboratories

    Integrity in Calibration Laboratories

    For calibration professionals, integrity is an essential part of every aspect of the calibration laboratory’s activities. Integrity is the act of adhering to strong moral and ethical principles and values and portraying honesty and truthfulness in all of one’s actions. Integrity means doing the right thing every time, even when it’s not seen or acknowledged

  • Calibration of Granite Surface Plates

    Calibration of Granite Surface Plates

    Granite Surface Plates are a common tool used for precision gauging, inspection, and layout of machined parts for precise measurement and inspection. They are used by tool rooms, machine shops, and inspection and calibration laboratories because of certain advantages that they have over steel surface plates. Granite is the most widely used material for the

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