• Understanding Traceability of Measurement
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    Understanding Traceability of Measurement

    Measurement Traceability, often referred to as Metrological Traceability, is typically defined as “the property of a measurement result whereby the result can be related to a national or international reference standard through a documented, unbroken chain of calibrations, each contributing to the measurement uncertainty of the measurement”. Measurement Traceability simply means that the result of any

  • A Video Guide to Hot Stick Calibration
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    A Video Guide to Hot Stick Calibration

    Per OSHA, Hot Sticks need to be removed from service for examination, cleaning, repair, calibration and testing every two years or anytime the daily maintenance inspection and cleaning finds defects that requires the Hot Stick to be removed from service. Watch the video below to learn more about Hot Stick Calibration. Learn more about Hot

  • Best Inductance Measuring Equipment
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    Best Inductance Measuring Equipment

    Inductors are commonly used in electronic and electrical circuits in a wide range of industrial and scientific instruments and applications. Inductance is the ratio of the voltage change across an inductor to changes in current and measures the amount of magnetic energy that can be stored in the inductor. Typically, coils of wire are used

  • Calibrating Your Torque Wrench
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    Calibrating Your Torque Wrench

    The age old question: How often should I calibrate a torque wrench? Making sure a torque wrench is calibrated at the right time is important, without proper calibration the safety of workers is put at risk and the integrity of the equipment you are working on can be compromised. Combine these two issues and you

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