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Anytime Assets is a cloud-based asset management system that allows you to track any asset. Manage equipment, tools, gauges, people, IT assets, office equipment, vehicles, jigs, dies, molds, and other assets online. Manage asset images and attachments to quickly identify assets and related documents like manuals, service contracts, warranties, and more. Track asset movement from location to location or use as a tool crib with check-in and check-out capabilities. Fully customizable database available anytime, anywhere.


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How Anytime Assets Works

  • Calibrated assets are updated by e2b calibration when services are completed for your equipment. Calibration records include the certificate of calibration in PDF format attached to the asset record available online, anytime, and anywhere.
  • We create new asset records, photos, and document part numbers (yours, ours, and the manufacturer  serial number) each time we calibrate a new asset. You can then edit and add more information and attachments for your assets in the secure asset portal.
  • Use asset transactions to check out equipment to maintenance orders so you know exactly which assets we re used to perform maintenance by aircraft tail number. Transactions identify where the asset is located or if it’s in transit to another location.
  • You can maintain non – calibrated assets, creating a central repository of all maintenance equipment records inside the asset management system. Asset records can include photos, documents, and other attachments.
  • Custom Alerts, such as calibration due notifications, alerts to identify items that have been in transit for an extended period of time, or items that have been checked out to a job and subsequently not checked back in.
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